Cloud Nine Drama is a non-profit-making group and a major part of our ticket sales are donated to worthy causes located in the Region of Murcia. 

The following are the donations we have made so far:

Community Support

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2009 - Two Short Plays "Gosforth's Fete" and "Easy Stages"

276€ was donated to AMADE (Asociación de Mayores Discapacitados) in Bullas following our  performance in the Casa de Cultura Auditorium.

€100 was donated to the Asociación Español Contra Cáncer in Murcia following our performance in La Majada, near Mazarrón.

2010 - Pantomime  "The Wizard of Mula"

327€ was donated to Calasparra Day Centre following our performance in Calasparra, Murcia.

1,000€ was raised by the Camposol Fiesta Committee following the performance on Camposol, Murcia.

70€ was donated to the Anita Arnao School in Mula, Murcia following our performance in Mula Theatre.

136€ was also donated to AMADE (Asociación de Mayores Discapacitados), Bullas following our performance in Bullas.

2010 - Old Time Music Hall

120€ was donated to AMADE following our performance in Bullas.

224€ was donated to Age Concern, Costa Cálida

2011 - Panto: "Snow White & The Nine Dwarfs"

250€ was donated to ASPADEM following our performance in La Molata

250€ was donated to Anita Arnao School, Mula

2011 - "Last Tango" and "The Last Bread Pudding"

100€ was donated to MABS (support for families affected by cancer) following our performance in Mula

2011- A Revue

100€ was donated to La Molata Social Centre as a contribution to new doors and windows at the hall.

250€ was donated to the Lorca Earthquake Appeal Fund

2012 - "Wyrd Sisters"

50€ was donated to AMADE following our performance at Bullas

100€ was donated to Age Concern Costa Cálida following our performance at La Molata

2013 - "Dick Whittington"

200€ was donated to AMADE following our performance at Bullas in February.

100€ was donated to Cliff and Julia for the Palm House Orphanage in Cambodia at our AGM on the 28th February 2013.

Spring 2013 - "Filthy Rich" and "The Last Panto"

€60 euros was raised for "Caritas en Pliego" following our production at El Patio Bar.

€100 euros was donated to Go MAD (Make A Differance) in Mazarron following productions at La Molata social club.

2014 - "Puss in Boots"

A total of €450 was raised which went to AMADE,

(centre for adults with physical and mental disabilities)


GoMAD (make a difference} 

2014 - "Gosforths Fete" and "The Fat Lady Sings"

Thanks to our audiences, our spring 2014 production raised €500 for local charities. 

Presentation to

President of ASPADEM,

Presentation to Diego Clares of Anita Arnao School, Mula

Presentation to MABS

Presentation to AMADE

Presentation to Age Concern

200€ was donated to AMADE following our performance at Bullas in February.

Mel of  Patio Bar in Pliego receiving €60 on behalf of Caritas en Pliego

Trevor and Brenda handing over €100 to members of Go MAD Mazarron

Jenny, our Treasurer, handing over €200 euros to AMADE in Bullas

Paul, The Chairman, and Sue, the Director of Puss in Boots hands over an envelope containing €250 to GoMAD in Mazarrón

€250 was donated to MABS Mazarron.

Paul Macdonald handing over €250 to FAST, the First Aid Support Team on Camposol

2015 - Aladdin

Our Chairman Paul and Sue the Director of Aladdin hand over a cheque for €300 to GOMad, following our performances at La Malata Social Club, thanks to you, our supporters.

Total monies raised to date for worthwhile causes       

2015 - An evening of Variety

Ruma Jordan,

Committee member of

Cloud Nine Drama Group seen handing a cheque for €300 to FAST

(Fast Action Support Team) based on Camposol

2015 - The Very Merry Christmas Show

€400 donated to MABS

(Murcia area cancer support group)

Chairman Keith Patrick


Treasurer Carol Patrick

handing over the donation t0

Bev Thompson from MABS

2016 Semana de Cultura


On 21st April a small group of ex-members and 1 member, from the North West region of Cloud Nine Drama, got together to perform three short sketches for Culture Week in Mula.

The venue was at the open air cinema

We  were well received and were each given a small token gift of appreciation from the teachers.

A collection box was provided for those who wished to donate to Mula Parish Calitas and €75.00 was collected .

Special thanks to Donna Gifford who kindly took the pictures, and Douglas and Sandra Pryar who helped out with sound and stage.

2016 Jornada Cultural De Lorca

On 21st April, Cloud Nine Drama, La Molata, performed two plays at Escuela de Idiomas de Lorca

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